Aishwarya overwhelms at Wagha Border

WEB DESK: Pakistan has been welcoming and showing their love to the Indian actors for long. The Indian actors also showed their gratitude for the warm welcome and love which they received here.

The recent Indian actress who had experienced the love of Pakistanis is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Aish has been doing shoot at “Wagah Boarder” for her forthcoming movie “Sarbjit”. There she got the chance to have encounter with the other side of the boarder.

The Former Miss World- who is also a part of Bachchan Family- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared her joy after receiving love and affection from her Pakistani fans.

Photo: Daccan Chronicle

Photo: Daccan Chronicle

Aish was asked if she is aware about her tremendous fan following in Pakistan, to which she replied, “I have experienced it in person when we were shooting at Wagah. It was a surreal experience.”

“We are standing there and the shoot is going on, gates are open, you can see Pakistan and you notice that the people are the same and the love for each other is the same,” she added.

On showing her interest in watching Beating Retreat Ceremony, live at the Wagah Boarder, Mrs. Bachchan told about her busy schedule.

“I had finished meeting all the families of the BSF (Border Security Force) here [in India] an hour before the program was to begin. That day we have to wrap and come back to another shoot so I couldn’t stay on to watch it, which I wanted to at some point.

“I have heard about it and I have seen clips of how amazing it looks. They do it in good spirit, who kicks higher and all. There’s celebration on both sides, music is on, people are dancing away, it’s an amazing patriotism that you experience on both sides,” she said.

Photo: Pinkvilla

Photo: Pinkvilla

“But when I was meeting BSF, I didn’t notice any difference across the border. I look at one side and do namastay, shower love and respond to the fans and when I look across the border, I am receiving the same amount of affection.” Aish further added.

Aishwarya positively spoke about the similarities both the countries shared.

“Everybody is shouting across, acknowledging, screaming, giving their love and I am thinking this is so surreal. These are meant to be ‘enemy states’, these are meant to be countries that don’t get along with each other but we are one. And there is the same love and excitement.

“We look alike and we talk alike. We are the same, we have been the same there’s just one line in between.”

Aish also acknowledged the love which the Indian BSF hold for their Pakistani BSF.

“When I was meeting the BSF, they said our brothers from across the border want to meet you so would you like to cross it and meet this personnel and take a picture.

“You just smile that they have called each other brothers and yet at unfortunate times, they have to literally wield weapons on each other,” she said.