Afghan cyclists bring message of peace to UN HQ.

UNITED NATIONS: An Afghan father and his son came to United Nations Headquarters in New York Friday on the final leg their round-the-world trip to promote peace that included cycling 7,000 miles from Istanbul.

Calling their mission, which crossed three continents, – a journey of peace and solidarity, – Nader Shah Nangarhari and his son Firoz Khan began their journey in July 2015.

They met with Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, presenting him with a traditional Afghan ‘Chapa’ coat. “You have been sending out a strong message to many people around the world with your bicycling it’s a very powerful message I really appreciate it,” Ban told the cyclists.

The pair said they hope that their journey will promote the importance of harmony in their homeland.

“We the people of Afghanistan are tired from war,” Firoz Khan, 18, said.  “We just want peace, education and unity in Afghanistan.”- APP