Coaching Pakistan team not an easy task, Arthur

WEB DESK: Born in Johannesburg, Pakistan cricket team’s new coach Mickey Arthur in his interview to a local media site cleared his intentions about accepting the role and how he is going to tackle the challenges surrounding him.

Arthur said that he has always been a fighter all his life and like always he will took this as a challenge to put Pakistani team back on track.

On a question regarding external influences, Arthur cleared that he will not going to let any one run their nose in his business.

Regarding the discipline problem Arthur claimed that, he is going to evaluate the players and sort out the menace from them after that he is going to make them work either by hook or by crook.
He said that there is potential in Pakistani bowling attack.

While talking about the future of Shahid Afridi, Arthur acknowledges that Afridi is a seasoned player who cannot be left out that easily. He further added that he will have a role for Afridi too.

He endorsing Pakistan’s former coach Waqar Yonus demand, Arthur said that, a coach must have the authority to select players.

Current head coach of Pakistan has quite a resume as he had been a part of South African cricket team from 1986 to 2001. His successes surges as he became the coach of South African team from 2005 and 2010, leading them to be the best team of the world at that time. He also was the coach of Australian team and recently he coached the Karachi Kings in the recent Pakistan Super League.