Zayn Malik’s album ‘Mind of Mine’ has an Urdu track!

WEB DESK: Sticking to his roots, Zayn Malik, former world famous boy band Once Direction member, has included an urdu track in his upcoming album Mind of Mine.

Malik is a British-Pakistani singer who made it big when he appeared fin The X Factor UK, a singing reality show.

The singer is now a solo artist since he left the band he made it big with. According to a review of the R&B singer’s latest album published in the New York Times, “the producer — Malay — plays a gentle folk-influenced guitar figure, while Zayn exhales deeply atop it and then begins singing with centered but controlled fervor”.

The lyrics to the anticipated track are:

Jab tak is mohabbat ke phool na khilay
Tab tak is dill ko sukoon na miley

(Until the flower of this love has blossomed/This heart won’t be at peace)

The urdu part of the song will come in between the song Mind of Mine with the duration of 104 Seconds. The New York Times suggests that the album “portrays a singer eager to reclaim” the parts of himself that were forced into the shadows, amidst his growing popularity in the genre of pop music five years ago.

This isn’t the first time Zayn has acknowledged his diverse background. When the singer won the award for outstanding achievement in music at the Asian Awards a year ago, he thanked his parents “for making me Asian, and for allowing me to have some sort of effect on the Asian community.”

The fans on twitter cannot contain their excitement for the upcoming album: