World’s youngest woman billionaire doesn’t hesitate in using second hand cars

At 19, Alexandra Anderson inherited her  family fortune to become world’s youngest billionaire, according to Forbes. She inherited about $1.2 Billion. Her great, great, great grandfather owned the leading tobacco company.

A professional dressage rider from Norway who has previously attended a British boarding school, Alexandra also has a sister who is an year older, Katherine lives in Oslo and work in an company firm. She is the second youngest billionaire in the world, also by inheriting the family money.

“Their fortune is all inherited, but it is remarkable that the three youngest billionaires on the list are all Norwegian,” said Kerry Dolan, assistant managing editor at Forbes.The billionaire sisters actually live the low-key lives and drive second hand cars. “I could choose not to work, not to do some things, but I will take part in the community and look forward to it,” said Katharina.”It’s not always easy to know how to live up to expectations.”

“I actually save all the time, I have always done,” said Alexandra in an interview last year with the Ferd’s corporate magazine.

“I save when I get my weekly allowance, and I save the cash prizes I win in competitions or if I get money as a gift for my birthday. It means I can buy myself things I really want, like a bag or a pair of shoes, without having to ask mum or dad for money.”

According to their father, Mr Andresen, he said in an interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten last year that he was not insisting that either of his daughters become involved in running Ferd, the family business.

“It was expected of me – and I had the ambition – to become chief executive,” he said. “It is not certain my children do. I’ll give them the opportunity to choose as people, and not as pre-programmed robots.

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Since September she has been based in Germany, where she is sponsored by Kingsland for her dressage competitions.

“This is what I want to do for the rest of my life – ride!” she told Eurodressage magazine.

Source: The Telegraph