We will provide foolproof security to Pakistan team: India

WEB DESK: State Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh and Vice-President of Board Of Contol For Cricket In India (BCCI) Rajeev Shukla have given some calm to cricket fans of the sub-continent.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, “Center will provide paramilitary forces to ensure security to Pakistan Cricket Team (PCT).”

Shukla has said , “PCT will get foolproof security in India and the match will be played in Dharamshala according to the schedule.”

There was uncertainty about the match between the arch-rivals after Chief Minister of Himachal Paradesh refused to provide security to PCT few days back in an utterance.

But today, Shukla has said that, “The match will be played according to the schedule and we have talked to the CM of Himachal Paradesh. He will ensure provision of the security”.

Couple of days back, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Shaharyar Khan had also written a letter to BCCI seeking assurance of security to Pakistani players.