Virat Kohli’s encouragement helped me bowl better: Muhammad Amir

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan fast pace bowler Muhammad Amir said “Kohli’s praise made my day. It was generous of him what he said for me.”

“It’s the sort of encouragement that you need and when it comes from a super star like Virat, it means a lot. On the other hand, it’s a big challenge for me as well because it adds to my responsibility to prove that I am worth that praise. Even before the match, he used some good words for me. It was very kind of him,” he said in an interview with Mumbai Mirror.

After the Pakistan India match, Kohli showered praise on Amir mentioning, “I would like to congratulate Amir for the way he bowled; I actually congratulated him while he was bowling. It was amazing to play such a spell. I said this before; he is a world class bowler.”

Amir said Rohit Sharma’s wicket was big. “I watched him bat in Australia where he scored a lot of runs so it was important to get him early. I thought I had him first ball but it was given not out. The next delivery was perfectly pitched and I got him. Shahid Afridi came to me and said that it is a big wicket. Then I had Ajinkiya Rahane and it doubled our joy. Next over I had Suresh Raina and before that I came close to dismiss Virat. We would have been in a strong position had that been given out.” But Kohli batted well sending across the ball for boundaries in Amir’s spell.

“That proved that he is a world class player. He read the situation well and scored runs gradually and didn’t panic at all. Virat is a very good player and his words will help me do better and better. It was great to bowl at him and he once again proved that he is a world class player; ordinary player would have succumbed to that pressure but not Virat.”

He continued, “It was unfortunate that we didn’t have too many runs to play for. Had we got 110, it would have been our match but I am very happy that my performance helped us avoid a one-sided defeat. In fact we gave a scare to India.”