Torrential rains play havoc in Hazara division

ABBOTTABAD: Persistent torrential rains played havoc in Hazara division causing immense hardships for people.

According to reports at least one person died and several injured in different incidents due to 72 hours continuous torrential rains and snowfall in the upper parts of Hazara division.

Life in rural and urban areas of Hazara division stuck due to heavy rain, several houses have been demolished or partially damaged.

Flash flood water entered in many areas of district Haripur, Mansehra and Abbottabad where people are facing millions of rupees losses.

A ten years old boy Arsalan died In Ghazi Khui Darra, Mohallah Mustafa, when roof of the house collapsed and his four family members including mother and three sisters got injuries.

Three houses collapsed in Nathia Gali while a house was buried under the debris of landslide in Ghari Habibullah, fortunately no causality was reported.

Heavy snowfall in Kaghan and Naran valley blocked all sorts of communication and many areas are disconnected as road network in the area damaged due to land sliding and snowfall.

In many areas flash-flood caused by torrential rains destroyed a number of roads and thoroughfares, beside collapsing a number of houses and disrupting the communication links particularly in Galiyat and Kaghan valleys.

Many Union Councils of district Mansehra have been disconnected with Mansehra city, flash flood and heavy downpour also destroyed the standing crop of tobacco, tomato and other vegetables.