Top five billionaire women

WEB DESK: Hard work done day and night, untiring efforts to reach the top never go unnoticed. Women tried to squeeze in through their way in to the Billionaires list and they did succeed.

Here are top five women billionaire:

1) Liliane Bettencourt

1Liliane Bettencourt is 11th richest person on Forbes list of billionaires and first in the women ctategory. She has a total of &36.1 Billion.

2) Alice Walton

2Alice Walton is the second richest woman in the world with $32.3 billion. Her net worth is down $7.1 billion from last year due to a drop in the price of Wal-Mart stock. Walton is not actively involved in running the mega superstore chain her father Sam Walton founded in 1962.

3) Jacqueline Mars:

3Jacqueline Mars, the third richest woman in the world, is worth $23.4 billion, down $3.2 billion this year. After their father’s death, Mars and her brothers inherited pet food and candy maker Mars in 1999. None of them play an active role in the company, which has $33 billion in annual revenue.

4) Maria Franca Fissolo:

4Maria Franca Fissolo of Italy, ranks as the 4th richest woman with a net worth of $22.1 billion. She is the widow of Michele Ferrero, who built Ferrero Group and died on Valentine’s Day last year.

5) Susanne Klatten

5Susanne Klatten of Germany, is the world’s fifth richest woman with a net worth of worth $18.5 billion. Klatten secretly received additional shares of BMW from her mother over the years but the transfers only came to light when her mother, Johanna Quandt died in August 2015. Klatten, and her brother Stefan Quandt (also a billionaire) together own almost half of BMW.

Source: Forbes