The Conjuring 2 new trailer will send chills down your spine

WEB DESK: One of the best horror production is back, yet again with a sequel. The Conjuring was released in 2013, and took the audience by the storm with the events that were mentioned and the sheer brilliance of it. The sequel is all set to be released this year, June 10th. The movie has released two trailers and both are keeping up with the expectations.

“After everything we’ve seen, there isn’t much that rattles either of us anymore,” says Lorraine Warren. “But this one, this one still haunts me.”

The events int he movie shown are real events that happened to real families and this alone could be one of the very solis reasons for this movie to be particularly scary.

conjuringThe Conjuring is a story about two exorcists who help the families in need, this time in England where a young girl of 11 years is under the heavy influence of a supernatural force.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren as they tackle “England’s Amityville.” Based on true events that are dubbed The Endfield Poltergeist, the story centers on a single mother (played by Frances O’Connor) who watches in horror as her daughters are plagued by a malicious spirit that takes a liking to one child specifically, Janet (Madison Wolfe).

cojfThe film follows the phenomenal worldwide reception of Wan’s The Conjuring, which marked the largest opening ever for an original horror movie in 2013. The film went on to make more than $319 million worldwide and still remains the second-highest grossing original horror movie of all time, second only to The Exorcist.

Unlike the recent spin-off film, Annabelle (which explored the back story of the first film’s terrifying doll), The Conjuring 2 will continue the based-on-truth adventures of the Warrens, whose cases have also inspired the likes of The Haunting in Connecticut and most notably, The England’s Amityville Horror.

In the sequel, Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

Here is the second trailer of the movie: