Siraj demands for investigation of Kamal’s accusations

WEB DESK: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer senator Siraj ulHaq said that former Mayor of Karachi, Mustafa Kamal, has a responsibility to prove his claim made during a dramatic press conference, Aaj News reported.

He was talking to media outside parliament house on Friday. He added that a judicial commission should investigate the allegations made by Kamal during his shocking press conference on Thursday.

The allegations made were severe. He reiterates that the allegations are not new; they have been made several times in the past. He said that it is the responsibility of judiciary and governing body to check the credibility of the claims made by former Mayor Karachi.

Kamal accuses Mutahidah Qaumi Moment’s (MQM) leadership of having links to Indian agency (RAW).

The former Karachi mayor said, “Back at that time I also knew Altaf Hussain’s people from the Indian and South African ‘setups’ were involved in killings in Karachi.”

He said Urdu-speaking people should be considered as patriotic as other people. “I ask all the people not to despise Urdu-speaking people. Do not hate accused but what they are accused of.”

He announces his un-named party with a symbolic national flag as their party flag.