Shah Rukh Khan offers job to a fan on Twitter

NEWS DESK: It’s not every day you see a superstar play a fan of him. Shahrukh Khan has done it yet again with his upcoming movie in which he plays a superstar and his fan, all by himself. He has had very positive responses towards the movie and we all cannot wait to see it in April.

King Khan has fans that are quite impossible to count. All of them try to contact him, rather catch a glimpse of him by gathering in front of his home in Mumbai, Mannat.

It is very unlikely for a star to contact and response his fan, but recently SRK offered a job to one of his fans on twitter.

A talented boy, Shivam Jemini, remade his upcoming movie Fan’s trailer, by acting himself instead of his idol.

Shahrukh Khan was so impressed by his work that he replied to his tweet and offered him a job. SRK wrote, “Come and work with us at the v fx studio man. Well done.” Shahrukh’s fan, Shivam Jemini, who also celebrated his birthday yesterday, called it the best birthday gift ever. His fan replied, “@iamsrk Best Birthday gift ever! 😍 Thank you so much Sir! #MadeMyDay I would love to work under you!.”

Dreams do come true!