S. Leone Ebola flare-up over, virus halted in West Africa: WHO


FREETOWN: The latest flare-up of  Ebola in Sierra Leone has ended, leaving no confirmed cases of the  virus in West Africa, the UN said Thursday, hailing it as a “milestone”.

“The World Health Organization joins the government of Sierra Leone in marking the end of the recent flare-up of Ebola virus disease in the country,” a statement said.

The global health body made the announcement after 42 days — or two Ebola incubation cycles — since Sierra Leone’s last Ebola patient tested negative for the second time.

Sierra Leone recorded half of the cases in an Ebola epidemic that infected a reported 28,600 people across the three hardest-hit  nations and claimed 11,300 lives since December 2013, although a significant number of deaths are believed to have gone unreported.

The WHO has recorded almost 4,000 deaths in Sierra Leone since the outbreak began.

On Thursday the world health body was also careful to warn that a recurrence of the deadly tropical disease remained a possibility.