Reviving it up! Pakistan’s first all girl band

WEB DESK: Talk about revival in the music and film industry, chances are Pakistan is going to top all of them. With the movie industry already heightening its standard, the music industry is not far behind.

While we make the movies that are more close to the heart and showcases some real happenings in one’s life, the music is so much closer to the soul.

The rebirth of the music initiated with the ground breaking start of Coke Studio. Coke studio started producing music that was so much more appealing to the people. The mix and match music with sufi touch has impressed people immensely.

Soon after Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement came on air. With young artist under the age of 22, the music produced was so highly appreciated that it has just launched its season four. The original songs and cover by the artists have taken people away by the storm.

One of the things that NB introduced in its fourth season, was an all girl band performance on the cover of John Newman’s super hit single, Love Me Again. The track exceeded all the expectations and received a huge response. The song is highly appreciated by everyone, while thinking that this is the revival people have been waiting for.

Single female artists like Hadiqa Kiyani, Nazia Hassan and Annie have reached sky for the fame they had but an all girl band is the first in Pakistan and we hope to see them coming more!


John Newman, the singer of the covered song Love Me Again also tweeted enormous praise for the song on his official twitter account and also gave the link to the song.