Rangers vow no let-up in Karachi op

KARACHI: The director general (DG) of Sindh Rangers vowed on Sunday to continue the targeted operation against criminals and terrorists in Karachi until the city has been purged of all such miscreants.

“The Karachi operation will carry on until all criminal elements have been eliminated,” Major General Bilal Akbar said while talking to a delegation of the All Pakistan Security Services Association (APSSA).

He briefed the delegation, led by Brigadier (retd) Rasheed Malik, on law and order, and the ongoing operation in Karachi.

Maj Gen Akbar made it very clear that the Karachi operation was not against any party or group in particular, and stressed that its purpose was to curb criminal elements in the city. He urged political and religious parties not to allow criminals or terrorists into their ranks.

“In spite of a difficult situation, we are committed to protecting lives and property of people in the metropolis,” he said.

Maj Gen Akbar asked the security companies to share information with the Rangers. He also lauded the role of security companies operating in Karachi.

Brig (retd) Malik and other members of the delegation appreciated the steps taken by the Rangers for restoring law and order in the city. They also expressed the hope that the Rangers operation would continue with the same intensity.