Pakistan wants peace in region, resolve issues through dialogue

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan wants peace in the region and to resolve all outstanding issues with neighbours through dialogue.

Speaking in the Radio Pakistan’s News and current affairs program, different opinion makers also regretted Indian blame game on Pathankot terror attack.

PML-N leader Senator Lt. General (R) Abdul Qayyum said peace was equally important for both Pakistan and India, so both should sincerely work for the maintenance of peace in the region.

Defense analyst Air Marshal (Retd.) Shahid Latif said it was a regrettable fact that dialogue has never been a priority of the Indian leadership. They were trying to hoodwink the entire world by making statements about constructive engagements with Pakistan, he added.

In fact, the reality was entirely different and India was persistently behaving as spoiler in the region with the ambitions of regional dominance, he remarked.

Defence analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan was of the view that the statement of Indian defence minister was against the diplomatic norms and he was talking like ‘Bal Thakery’.

“Pakistan always tried to maintain peace in the region by resolving all disputes with India on negotiation table, whereas India never replied in the same ton,” he noted.

“We need to change our behavior if we want to succeed in a positive way in future,”he maintained. It was a routine of India to level false allegations against Pakistan, he observed.

Defence analyst Major General (R) Farooq Hameed said the statement of Indian Defence Minister was irresponsible and it could disrupt the already initiated peace process between both countries.

India was against the development and progress of Pakistan, so that’s why it was creating baseless propaganda to malign the image of Pakistan but it would fail in its nefarious designs.

Chairman Nazariya Pakistan Trust Zahid Malik said that Pakistani leadership wanted to improve relations with India, but it was New Delhi which was not serious in reciprocating. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a hostage in the hands of nationalist and extremist hindus and his policies were divisive, he added.

Senior analyst Dr. Shaheen Akhtar said the statement of Indian defence minister could derail the peace process initiated between both countries as a result of back door diplomacy. The confrontation was not in favor of both Pakistan and India and it would harm the process of development and prosperity in the region, he added.

Former ambassador Fauzia Nasreen said that Indian Defence Minister should have behaved responsibly while talking about sensitive issues like Pakistan and India relations.

She said it was an unfortunate attitude and its effects would be entirely negative for the general atmosphere of the region.

Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts must be credited for making global community realize the position of Pakistan, she said and added the world has acknowledged Pakistan’s sacrifices and role in global war on terror.