Pak Sarzameen Party


There is no dearth of political parties in Pakistan – they are in scores if not in hundreds and therefore a challenge to find a suitable title – but the more the merrier.

The latest addition to that number is Pak Sarzameen Party, launched by MQM rebel Mustafa Kamal at a carefully arranged function in Karachi on Wednesday.

Present on the occasion among a number of volunteers were half a dozen former MQM leaders who had renounced their loyalty to the party chief Altaf Hussain and crossed over to his side.

Kamal had set out on the sentimental journey to cleanse national politics, (read MQM) early this month, and as he moved his following gained the momentum. In fact even when murmuring against Altaf was getting louder by the day no one ever thought that the one to throw the first stone on the boss would be Mustafa Kamal.

Justly then in less than a month he is not only a prime time media darling but also founder of a political party that in committed to undertaking masonry to rebuild “broken infrastructure” and carry out a surgical procedure to revive “broken hearts”.

How that would be done Mustafa Kamal has assigned the task to a team of intellectuals who are working on a manifesto of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).

As to what the proposed manifesto would aim at he did identify some of its broad objectives – which to some inquisitive minds suggest as if we have been here before.

Source: Business Recorder