On this day, Relive Pakistan Day!

WEB DESK: To say that Pakistan was freed from the Hindu realm and the British rule with a handful of sacrifices and a few speeches would be  grand understatement of the matter.

The thought of a separate Muslim state started when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan presented the Two Nation Theory. From there, the journey to August 14, 1947 started.

One of the most historical days in this journey would be the Lahore Resolution Day, March 23th, 1940.

The resolution was held at Minto Park’s ground where now Minar e Pakistan stands, presided by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan and others. This is the day, the resolution to make a separate Muslim state was passed and the idea of a united India was rejected by all the Muslim parties.

This year Pakistan Day will celebrated at the United Nations for the first time as a concert in the general assembly hall on March 23.

The resolution was passed by the Founding Fathers of the nation and is quoted as:

[Quoting Resolution:]

“No constitutional plan would be workable or acceptable to the Muslims unless geographical contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary.

That the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in majority as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped to constitute independent states in which the constituent units shall be autonomous and sovereign.”

2 Initially known as the Lahore Resolution Day, 23rd March was declared Pakistan Day on 23rd March 1956.

Nine years after Pakistan’s creation, the first constitution was implemented on March 23, 1956. March 23 was initially meant to celebrate the adoption of the country’s first constitution and its transformation as a republic.

The constitution of 1956 was annulled by the military government of Ayub Khan in 1958 and March 23 became a day to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940, which eventually led to the creation of Pakistan.

3In his speech on March 23, he explained the India’s political background. Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations.

These both nations are religiously, historically, culturally and many other aspects are identified separately from each other. Islam and Hinduism as a religion in the deep difference. Principles of Hinduism comparable with Islam do not have any relevance. Islam is religion to offer a complete system. That such a system is fully functional.

Establishment and concept of separate Muslim state Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah to prove to several international examples. The word Pakistan was not used anywhere in Lahore Resolution.

But as soon as the resolution approved. Hindu newspapers and all India Congress had naming the resolution, as resolution of Pakistan.



Pakistan’s national flag is hoisted on public and governmental buildings at dawn on Pakistan Day. A 31-gun salute in Islamabad and a 21-gun salute in provincial capitals are fired.

A change of guard occurs at the mausoleums of Muhammad Iqbal (commonly known as Allama Iqbal) and Muhammad Ali Jinnah (commonly known as Quaid-i-Azam or the Supreme Leader), followed by garlands being laid.

A main feature of Pakistan Day celebrations is a parade at Constitution Avenue in Islamabad. An award ceremony is organized where the president gives military and civilian awards to recognize recipients’ contribution to Pakistan.

5 Like last year, the Pakistan Day parade will be held this year as well. All three forces will be commencing the parade, and will be attended by the President, the Prime Minister and other authoritative personnel.

6Air show of the last year’s parade was a sight to see. Here is one of the glimpses of the show.

The event at the UN has been organised by the Pakistan commission to the UN and famous Pakistani singer Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will feature in the concert.

genbral-assPakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Doctor Maleeha Lodhi, said the concert is an effort to present the country’s rich culture and image.

“Public diplomacy is the most effective way to win hearts and minds,” she quoted. The concert titled ‘Sufi Night: Music of Peace’ is aimed to spread the message of peace and harmony.

The event comes in the wake of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s repeated urge to its envoys to actively engage in public diplomacy.