Not in the name of Islam


In a unanimous vote on Thursday the US House of Representatives termed the so-called IS’ actions as genocide asking Secretary of State John Kerry to inform Congress if IS’ or ISIL’s reported atrocities constitute genocide.

As expected Kerry responded by saying that “Daesh [Arabic acronym of ISIL] is genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology, and by actions.”

Notably, last year UN Human Rights Council’s investigators report, based on interviews with a number of witnesses and survivors from IS attacks in Iraq, had noted that no ethnic or religious group was being spared.

Christians, Shias, Kurds and Turkmen were being targeted; the worst sufferers though were the Yazidis. According to the report, in the Iraqi and Syrian territories under its control IS had launched a series of systematic and widespread attacks against the Yazidi minority, and “some of the villages were entirely emptied of their Yazidi population.”

Source: Business Recorder