Nazia Hasan’s biopic in the making in Bollywood

WEB DESK: Nazia Hasan was truly an icon and so is his brother Zoheb Hassan. Together they came up with super hit songs that were loved by millions. Now after 16 years, the popstar will be remembered again through a biopic that will hopefully do the star  the justice she requires.


1 Naturally Nazia Hasan’s brother and his partner in almost everything is very emotionally attached to the project and he vows to tell people what has been happened to Nazia Hasan and why she backed out form the obvious fame that started to surround her.

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Zoheb said :”I was so impressed with the script that I agreed to let him (a writer-friend) approach Bollywood companies and four major players are gunning for it. It is a story that needs to be told keeping in mind the public interest in our music and what actually happened to Nazia Hassan.”

2Zoheb Hasan also reminisced the release of their single, Disco Deewane in Kolkata. “We were two school-going kids and had never seen anything like this, when we came on, the applause was so loud, we couldn’t hear the music or even our own vocal fold back.”

He told Mirror from London, recalling how they went on to perform the hit track at New York’s Madison Square Garden with Amitabh Bachchan.

3Till the time she was diagnosed with cancer, both of these young and enthusiastic singers had rocked the world of pop music like anything.

Zoheb Hassan in the memory of his sister said: “Nazia and I were a team and I was too shattered after her death to continue to make music. I detached myself from showbiz completely until I was convinced by Strings to perform for Coke Studio.”

We hope that this upcoming venture will do justice to Nazia Hasan’s short but colorful life and we wish to see who will be opted for the roles!