Mustafa Kamal in Karachi lashes out at MQM leadership

WEB DESK: Former Karachi mayor, Mustafa Kamal, who has returned after a prolonged absence from political scene, addressing a press conference at his DHA residence in Karachi, Aaj News reported.

Former leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement  (MQM) lashed out at the party leadership and its London-based supremo Altaf Hussain, creating waves of surprise in Karachi’s politics.

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Addressing a crowded press conference, Kamal severely criticized MQM leader Altaf Hussain and his policies.

He was speaking to media persons along another ex-MQM leader Anees Qaimkhani, hours after arriving in Pakistan after three years.

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It was first media briefing by the two ex-MQM stalwarts after parting ways with MQM.

He said the people who were once educated and civilised had been handed over weapons by MQM leadership.

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“I pray that Allah Almighty guide Altaf Hussain to straight path. He should seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty,” he said. Everyone knew that Altaf Hussain had links with RAW. Urdu-speaking people were being  considered RAW agent because of MQM chief, he said.

He said for God’s sake stop this bloodshed in our city for a few pounds. Ajmal Pahari, Solat Mirza or other such people were not born terrorists but they were molded into criminals.

“I ask you (Altaf) to come back do politics by remaining among people. We would stand side by side you, but the truth is that you do not care about our people,” he said.


The former Karachi mayor said, “Back at that time I also knew Altaf Hussain’s people from the Indian and South African ‘setups’ were involved in killings in Karachi.” He said Urdu-speaking people should be considered as patriotic as other people. “I ask all the people not to despise Urdu-speaking people. Do not hate accused but what they are accused of.”

He said they (he and Qaimkhani) were laying foundation for a new party which had no name its flag was this (he spread out a Pakistani flag in his hand). He said Pakistani flag was his party flag.

Mustafa Kamal said that this new party would work for promoting harmony among different communities, which were distant to each other on the basis of language or religion and for the integrity and prosperity of the country.

“Under the national flag which we have adopted as our party’s flag, every one loving the country and the nation would be warmly welcomed and taken along,” he said, adding, “We have come with a different agenda focused on serving humanity and the country across the board.”

He said the main features of this new national political party would be to struggle for presidential form of government and for the true local government system with devolution of financial and administrative powers down to Union Council level so that the people’s problems could be solved at their doorsteps.

“Military wing of MQM is run from outside.” Kamal said new provinces should be created on the basis of administrative system and local government system should be fortified.

He was critical of certain wrong decisions and policies of MQM’s top leadership over the last couple of decades.

The former city Nazim urged the Urdu speaking community in the country to focus on getting quality education and modern disciplines to play a great role in nation’s building.

“Once known as the most educated and civilised community in the country, now Urdu speaking population was being seen in a different way,” he regretted.

Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani said they were living better and secured life abroad along with their families. But, they continued, the fear of God forced them to return and disclose the facts about MQM’s top leadership to the Urdu speaking population and the nation in general.

They vowed to stay firm and said they would continue their efforts for furthering the agenda of love, brotherhood and harmony, and nation’s dignity and the country’s integrity and prosperity.

He concluded his conference at prayer that “May Allah guide us to right path.”

In response, MQM MNA Ali Raza Abidi Tweeted “Kamal’s return is the last and final card by Chaudhry Nisar.”