Mortaza heartfelt press conference left him tear-eyed

WEB DESK: While talking to a pre-press conference, Bangladesh team captain Mashrafe Mortaza made heartfelt remarks regarding the suspension of their bowlers on Sunday.

The suspensions of Bangladesh bowling duo Taskin Ahmed and Arafat Sunny on the eve of their must-win World T20 clash against Australia has reportedly driven their captain, Mashrafe Mortaza, to tears, reported.

“Taskin and Sunny are very disappointed,” said Mortaza, who is reported to have broken down behind closed doors following the press conference.

“Obviously, the whole team is behind them. At the moment it is very difficult to understand what they are going through but the players and the coaching staff are trying to help them out.

“We can only wish and pray that they will fight it out and come back and play for the team again.”

The duo was reported for having a suspect bowling action in their World T20 qualifying match against the Netherlands on March 9 in Dharamshala. They tested positive for the claims.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has lodged an appeal to the ICC to reconsider the suspension of 20-year-old Taskin.

The suspensions, particularly Taskin’s, have rocked the Bangladesh skipper, who was not afraid of the comments he made defending his young speedster.

“I am not worried about my career,” he said. “Maybe I have said some strong words in the press conference.

“But, if I am not able to stand beside the youngster (Taskin), who will give service to the Bangladesh team in the next 10-15 years, what is the point of remaining captain then?

“When two of your family members face such kind of trouble, the amount of pain we feel, I am feeling the same for my players now.

“I have seen a lot in life, so it’s probably easier for me to accept this.

“But right now, we are talking about one of the most promising young fast bowlers of our country, someone who we think will serve us for the next 10 years.

“Firstly, we will go to the field to win a game no matter who the opposition is,” Mortaza said.

“However there is one thing, for example, if two of your sons have some problem and you want to do something you will not be able to do that with the same enthusiasm that you normally would have.

“This is the situation of the team at the moment.

“We are not in a good state mentally at the moment which is of course understandable.

“But we will get to the field with the same spirit that we had in our last game.”

“At the moment it is very difficult to understand them and tell them that everything will be alright.

“As a group, the coaching staff and players, are helping them cope. All that we can wish and pray is they come out stronger and fight it out and come back and play for Bangladesh.”

AFP is reported “at least 100 people” protested in Dhaka’s Shahbagh square, brandishing banners which read “Shame on you ICC. Your action is illegal”, while a “symbolic effigy” of the ICC was burned.