Messi’s boot donation attracts negativity

WEB DESK: World’s loved footballer, Lionel Messi is under a lot rage by some when he donated his boots to Egypt in a talk show. Thinking of it as a good gesture, Barcelona’s main player donated his toes to Egypt but it worked reciprocal when he was hugely criticized for it.

Earlier, he gifted a shirt and a football to an Afghan boy that took internet by storm and Messi was portrayed as a generous hero.

However, when the player made a similarly ‘well-intentioned’ gift on Egyptian TV this week, it was regarded by some Egyptians as a national insult.

During a TV interview with the “Yes I am Famous” show, broadcast on MBC’s Misr Channel, the Argentine footballer told the presenter he would like to donate his football boots to be auctioned off for charity.


The shoe can be considered dirty because it is on the ground and associated with the foot, the lowest part of the body.

So some people have taken issue with the fact the TV presenter, Mona al-Sharqawi held Messi’s donated boots with her hands. “Wake up Arabs and smell the coffee. No time for sleeping. She [the presenter] should have refused this insignificant donation,” tweeted @awatifalqaisey.

The reason he was not appreciated for this gesture was that the gifting someone shoes can be used as a symbol for insult or disrespect. The Egyptians took this to social media where they tweeted and posted aggressively about the issue.

“This is the most disgusting. He was paid thousands of dollars and at the end he donated his shoes and the stupid presenter was happy,” tweeted one user called @Sala77ar7ash. Another user called @sulimanahmad670 commented: “Egypt’s name is greater than Messi’s shoes. This is a big insult to Egypt,” wrote @sulimanahmad670.

messi-2In response to the perceived insult, Egyptian MP Said Hasasin who presents a programme called “Infirad” (Exclusive) on private Al-Asimah TV, went so far as to take off his shoes on air saying he would donate them to Messi.

Source: BBC Trending