Men judge a book quicker than women

WEB DESK: Men judge a book quicker than women, a study suggests. Jellybooks experts were able to determine that men, on average, stopped reading books at an earlier point than women did.

Jellybooks used a bit of JavaScript in eBooks that measured reading habits of volunteers. The study explores whether gender and other demographic factors actually affect reading.

However, the study shows no notable difference in the completion rates of most types of books. The study concludes that women give books more of a chance than men. On the flip side, it also means that men are more likely to stick by a book once they’re a certain portion of the way through it.

Jellybooks records women account for more book purchases and books read than men do. Given the identical completion rates, we take this to mean that men either have more foresight in this regard or that women continue reading even if they already know that the book is not to their liking. We suspect the latter, but cannot prove it at this point.

 Source: The Digital Book World