‘Mauka Mauka’ guy is back with a message for Afridi

WEB DESK: Last year at the Cricket World Cup, Star Sports India released an ad, in which a Pakistani supporter is seen to have ranted against the Indian cricket team in every India Pakistan stand off against each other.

This is the original ad released last year:

Since Pakistan lost to India last year, the ad served its purpose. This year again, the same ad is back with little alterations and special message to Shahid Khan Afridi.

The Mauka Mauka guy is here, yet again, a bit aged and with a son with him, sending a special message to Boom Boom Afridi to win it for the kids.

He sends a special message to Shahid Afridi saying that he does not have to listen to anyone, and even though after a few consecutive defeats against India, there is still hope for them to win against India and do it for the kids.


He is also seen taking out the old box of firecrackers that he has been saving for the Pakistani win against India and shows hope to light them up this time.