American hunter hunts huge Markhor in Chitral

PESHAWAR: An American hunter has successfully hunted a big Kashmiri Markhor- a wild goat with long spiral horns, in Toshi Shasha conservancy of Chitral district.

The hunted Markhor, having 49 centimeter long horns, is stated to be second largest in the history of Trophy hunting scheme launched in the area since early 90s, Irshad Ahmad, Sub-divisional Officer of Wildlife Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said.

American hunter, Geff Lee Demaske had arrived Chitral a few days earlier after obtaining the hunting permit from Wildlife Department for Rs. 10.15 million.

It merits a mention here that Trophy Hunting scheme, involving foreign hunters in hunting of wild goat in remove hilly terrain of KP, is proving to be a best conservation tool in saving the population of Markhor. “Once critically endangered wild specie, Pakistan now has largest population of Markhor in the reigon,” Niaz Ahmad DFO Wildlife Peshawar said.

The success of Trophy hunting would be gauged from the fact that the decade long wave of militancy in KP failed to hamper successful conservation efforts and foreign hunter continued to visit the province for hunting.

“The spiraled horned goat that occurs in small, scattered populations mainly in the mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan provinces was in critical stage in 1984 as the country had only 200 animals.

However, now according to a survey conducted by Wildlife department in 2014, the number of animal rose to 3566 only in Chitral district, Niaz informed