Mangla dam absolutely safe: WAPDA

LAHORE: Taking strong exception to a news report aired by a private television channel, WAPDA spokesperson here Monday clarified that Mangla Dam is absolutely safe and no cracks whatsoever appeared in it.

The spokesperson made it clear that a portion of Mirpur-Kotli dual road located at Khaliq Abad in the periphery of Mangla reservoir slid towards the reservoir in 2014.

This dual road, constructed by the AJK is not part of Mangla Dam. However, WAPDA as goodwill gesture, carried out short term measures and rehabilitated the collapsed portion of the road and filled the Mangla reservoir to its maximum level i.e. 1242 feet above sea level.

This year, WAPDA is carrying out the long term measures for rehabilitation of the road adjacent to the reservoir rim.

Contracts are being awarded for the purpose.

The rehabilitation works will be completed soon, the spokesperson said.