LHC acquits three accused in drug smuggling case

LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench on Tuesday acquitted three accused convicted in 79 kg drug smuggling case.

The bench headed by Justice Aalia Neelam heard the appeals filed by Amir Sajjad, Asim Usman and Gull Muhammad against life term conviction by the trial court.

Earlier, the petitioners’ counsel Aftab Bajwa arguing before the court submitted that the trial court convicted the accused despite lack of evidence.

He said that the prosecution did not have any evidence which proved that the narcotics belonged to the accused.

He said that the railway police implicated the accused to show performance.

He pleaded the court to accept appeal and acquit the accused while setting aside the conviction.

However, the prosecution submitted that the recovered narcotics belong to the accused and they were found guilty in investigations.

After hearing the detailed arguments, the bench accepted the appeal and acquitted the accused.

The bench observed that apparently no solid evidence was available against the accused.