Latest terminals to be constructed on Torkham, Chaman: Lt Gen

ISLAMABAD: Latest terminals will be constructed on Torkham and Chaman, the central-border routes of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“The border terminals are important for both the countries because they will not only facilitate travel between the two countries but will also promote bilateral trade,” Pak Army Quartermaster General, Lt. General Javed Mehmood Bukhari said while talking to Voice of America (VOA).

Joint President of the Afghanistan Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zubair Moti Wala said that construction of the terminals on either sides of the border has been a longstanding demand of traders’ communities on both sides.

He said this is also a provision of the international trade pact which Pakistan and Afghanistan have signed.

He said corruption can also be curbed with the construction of terminals because trucks, drivers, cleaners and passengers will be scanned and searched with latest methods.

He opined that Afghan-bound traffic from Gwadar will increase manifold after the completion of CPEC which is why the terminals are needs of the hour and hence should be completed immediately.