Lahore: Doctors protest against VIP movements in hospitals

LAHORE: Young doctors protested against the VIP’s who have been making visits to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore in the wake of meeting the injured in the recent suicide blast, complaining that the VIP protocol hinders their work, Aaj News reported.

According to the details, at least 60 injured from the deadly blast in Gulshan-e Iqbal park in Iqbal Town on March 27, are admitted in Jinnah Hospital. The VIPs have been visiting the hospital for three days to meet those wounded in the blast.

Tired of the situation that hinders their work, young doctors protested and shouted slogans against the VIP protocol.

Doctors said that the VIP movements in the hospital are a barrier in providing medical facilities to the patients and threatened that if they are not stopped , they will take to streets to protest against it.

A suicide blast ripped off in the parking lot of Gulshan Iqbal Park in Lahore on Sunday that killed at least 72 people and wounding around 300.

Jamaat-e-Ahrar, a splinter faction of the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the blast. Its spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, said in a statement that Christians who were celebrating Easter that day were the target.