Kamal plans not to contest in by-elections now

KARACHI: Former mayor Mustafa Kamal said he planned to fight in elections once the party was completely formulated while talking to the media outside his residence here, Aaj News reported.

“We will not participate in by-elections at the moment but once we formulate our party, we will contest in elections,” Kamal said.

He added that he never forced anyone to join his unnamed party. “Our intentions are never ethnic politics, but national politics,” he reiterates.

In a series of press conferences, Ex-Rabita committee member Waseem Aftab and MPA Iftikhar Ahmed joined Mustafa Kamal’s party.

Former health minister Sindh Dr Sagheer Ahmed also announced to leave MQM and membership of Sindh Assembly to join former mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal’s party.

Although Dr Sagheer Ahmed made the public announcement of his resignation from Sindh Assembly seat, he failed to provide written resignation to the next assembly meeting, Aaj News reported.

In his first press conference, he announced his new party and accused MQM’s leadership of acquiring RAW funding.