Junaid Jamshed assaulted at Islamabad Airport

WEB DESK: Famous fashion designer and singer-turned-Islamic scholar Junaid Jamshed was assaulted in the wee hours of Sunday at Islamabad airport.

The charged group of religious extremists took Juniad Jamshed on to their kicks and punches, and kept beating him. The disturbing video of the attack made the rounds on social media.

They chanted slogans against the preacher, claiming he had committed blasphemy. “We have been looking for you,” one man of the gang shouted. While, Junaid Jamshed tried to talk to the people as to what was the confusion but nobody was listening to him. After being rescued by security guards, he stood there in shock and panic that who were those people. The religious fanatics had reportedly off boarded from a flight from Karachi.

Junaid Jamshed thrashed at Islamabad Airport

Posted by Aaj TV on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Unfortunately, the person who has changed his entire life has been facing such humiliation for long at the hands of sectarian people. He had earlier admitted his mistake and apologised for having lack of knowledge and use of unintentional words that hurt people.

A large number of Junaid’s supporter came in his support on social media to defend him and condemn the dismal incident.

Jamshed has reportedly filed an FIR against the attackers and police could not yet apprehend the culprits.




A senior columnist Zahid Raza Chaudhry wrote on Facebook: “Where was the Islamabad Air port’s high alert security when Junaid Jamshed was being assaulted and specially where were the master minds of Zarb e Az’b who claim to get rid of every type of terrorism in the country…??? If action is still ignored against charged crowed then I feel sorry saying Zarb e Az’b is loosing its credibility.”

The culprits have been identified by some social media activists as Akhter Munshi, Irfan Ladha and Shah Faisal.

Junaid Jamshed tweeted: