Iran tests more missiles in defiance of US warning

Tehran: – Iran fired two more long-range ballistic missiles as it continued military tests in defiance of US sanctions and fresh warnings from Washington.

 The missile tests, described by Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards as a show of force in the face of US pressure, come just weeks after the implementation of Iran’s historic nuclear deal with world powers.

After similar tests on Tuesday, Washington had warned it could raise the issue with the UN Security Council and take further action after US sanctions were imposed in connection with Iran’s missile programme in January.

US Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the United States would take action against Iran if the missile tests were confirmed.

“All their conventional activity outside the (nuclear) deal, which is still beyond the deal, we will and are attempting to act wherever we can find it,” Biden said during a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

He said Washington was also ready to act if Iran breaks the nuclear agreement.

The hard-fought deal, which saw international sanctions lifted in exchange for curbs on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, did not extend to its missile programme.

Wednesday’s tests saw two Qadr-H and Qadr-F precision missiles fired from launcher trucks tucked in the Alborz mountain range in northern Iran, hitting targets about 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) away in the southeastern Makran area, the Guards said.

“Our enemies have come to understand that increasing security pressures and sanctions will not affect the enhancement of our capabilities so they seek to limit us in the missile arena through imposing economic sanctions,” said Guards chief Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari.

“Enemies of the Islamic revolution and regional security must fear the roar of the Guards’ missiles,” he added, quoted by the Guards’ official website.

Source: AFP