Interior ministry submits report in IHC on Dr. Aafia

ISLAMABAD: The Interior Ministry on Monday submitted its report regarding Dr Aafia Siddiqui in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) in a petition filed by her sister Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui for her transfer from the United States jail to a Pakistani prison.

The single bench of Justice Noorul haq N Qureshi sought possible legal solution from the litigant in the matter.

Submitting the Interior Ministry report, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Raja Khalid Mahmood informed the court that Dr Aafia was convicted by a US court.

America was a sovereign country and the Pakistan government could not dictate that country in the matter.

He said the government had raised the issue at high level with America but due to non-availability of the treaty regarding transferring of prisoners, no progress could be made.

Dr. Aafia could not be transferred to the country till the signing of such treaty, he maintained.

He apprised the court that on humanitarian grounds, the Pakistan government had hired a lawyers team to plead her case in the US despite the fact that Dr Aafia was a dual national.

On a court’s query, the DAG replied that Raymond Davis case was altogether a deferent matter.

He was acquitted by an authorized court according to the Pakistani law after his settlement with the aggrieved parties, and the government was not influenced by any one, he added.

Raja Khalid Mahmood said the government had no issue with Dr Aafia’s meeting with her family. If the family were issued visas by the US Embassy, they could visit the US for the purpose.

The case was adjourned the case for two weeks.