Indian police get robots to curb protesters in IHK

ISLAMABAD: Indian police in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), is going to be equipped with robotic weapons to deal with protesters more harshly, without fear of counter attack.

Media reports said that robotic weapons would help armed forces crush protests with full force in the held territory, Kashmir Media Service reported.

Giving details of the sophisticated weapon, a police official said,”Northern Lights Tactical make RPG-A5 Remote Paintball Gun helps police to target potential threat without risking the lives of its men.”

“A 68-caliber Tippmann-A5 paintball action gun with camera mounted on a small remotely operated tank can go to any extent in vulnerable area and hit the target accurately, without risking the lives of our policemen,” he added.

He added that due to the caliber of the gun it can also be loaded with pepper-ball rounds for remote crowd control. He maintained that due to bulk loader tank under moving robotic tank, it can shoot three rounds in one go and adjustable mount cradle with strong remote control makes it useful for all forces.

The gadget will be deployed at vulnerable zones and it will automatically target the protesters, the official said.