Indian actor Raza Murad arrives in Lahore

LAHORE: Indian actor, Raza Murad has arrived in Lahore along with wife and daughter, for a private visit, said that Modi government is serious for T20 match between India and Pakistan, Aaj News reported on Monday.

While talking to media  in Lahore, Murad said that he has come to Pakistan on daughter’s request.

“I have always garnered love and respect in Pakistan and I consider Pakistan my second home,” he said.

While talking about T20 tournament , the actor said that Modi government is very serious about the match between Pakistan and India.

He went on to say that T20 match between the two countries will definitely take place.

The actor also reiterated poetry (Ghazal) of former Indian Premier Vajpai.

“The two countries should work together when it comes to film making. Indian actors should get a chance to work in Pakistani films,” Murad added.