India-Pakistan contests bigger than Ashes: Inzamam


ISLAMABAD: India-Pakistan cricket is more exciting and far bigger than the Ashes because of the sheer number of people who come in to cheer, said former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq.

“India-Pakistan contests are better than Ashes. The crowd following was immense and there were great players who competed for their countries,” said Inzaman.

“Cricketing series between India and Pakistan should happen. It will be good for cricketing ties between the two nations and it will also help to normalize relations between the two nations.

People of both countries want cricket should happen between the two teams, they love the players and love to watch the match. Therefore the matches should happen,” Inzamam said, quoted by India Today.

“There is a lot of brotherhood between the people of the two nations. When India visited Pakistan in 2004, they ate at several hotels and restaurants. But nobody took money from them. Even when they went shopping, Pakistan players used to personally accompany them and show them around. Even the shopkeepers did not take money from them,” he added.