Only liberals talk about intolerance : Anupam Kher

WEB DESK: Veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher has yet again lashed out at the government for talking about intolerance and this time he took a direct hit at Indian Congress party.

“This is a no debate. The rich and the famous are talking of intolerance. If you ask a man on the street, they won’t talk about intolerance. All they want is food two times a day,” NDTV quoted Kher as having said at the Telegraph National Debate on intolerance in Kolkata.

“Those with a champagne in a glass are only talking about it. Are you living in India or America,” he added.

When asked about the core reason of the intolerance, he said that anyone who spoke up against the government is sent straight to jail.

“Congress is the most tolerant in India because they are tolerating a person whom they want to project as a prime minister of this country,” said Kher, taking a jab at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

He further said that if Rahul Gandhi even became one-tenth of what Prime Minister Narendra Modi was, he would vote for him, Indian Express reported. “If you can tolerate that person then you can tolerate anything in the world.”

“This is ridiculous. Did you hear the word intolerance before the last eight months? This has been marketed to take revenge for the defeat in the last elections,” said the Padma Bhushan Awardee.

Bollywood actor Kajol, present at the event highlighted how intolerance cannot fall under one umbrella term and needs to be divided.

“To make all social issues a political one is absolutely wrong. I also think that we have to work together to make a stronger and richer India and only then intolerance cease to exist. The debate on intolerance does not recognize this,” said the Dilwale actor.