I was an unwanted girl child: Kangana Ranaut

WEB DESK: With hair and make up perfectly done, with luxury cars, huge homes and designer clothes, it is commonly believed that the superstars come from a background that do not have any problems and issue

This belief will easily be shattered as you listen some of the tales from the most famous celebrities. It is often believed that the success is often derived from the fear of failure. The thought of proving something to someone. In Kangana Ranaut’s place, proving her parents.

In a recent interview of her magazine cover launch, the Queen actor told the media how her childhood was tainted by the constant thought of feeling unwanted and not needed. Her sister, Rangoli, accompanied her to the event.

“There was a sense of discomfort while growing up. The fact that I was not seen as how I wanted myself to be seen as. My parents had a baby boy but he didn’t make it and died within 10 days. He was called Hero and my parents could never come emerge out of that loss. When Rangoli was born, her birth was celebrated and she was well looked after.”

kanganaThe actor added: “But when I was born, my parents and my mother especially couldn’t come to terms with the fact that it was a girl again. I know these details because every time a guest used to drop in, they used to repeat this story as to how I was the unwanted child in the family.”

Kangana said: “It’s very hard to live in an environment where you are constantly reminded that you just happen to be here and you are not supposed to be here. I could never come to terms with that environment.”

With two National Awards in her bag, the actress has made it big in Bollywood and is now considered one of the finest actors in the industry.

Kangana Ranaut also said that she derives all her inspiration from her elder sister, Rangoli, who has always supported her through her life.

Source: Indian Express