How to pamper your tired feet ?

For healthy beautiful feet, it is necessary to give them the occasional care that they require. Although what one does not tell you is the fact that you don’t have to go to a beauty saloon or a masseuse to get the job done. With a few simple ingredients you find at home, you can give your feet the essential love and care you need

Here are four homemade hacks that you can follow:

Baking Soda Foot Scrub

2After a long day, soothe feet and get rid of dull skin by soaking worn-out soles in a gentle baking soda bath. Dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda in a warm-water basin. For extra exfoliation, follow up by gently scrubbing feet with a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water.

Honey and Sugar Foot Scrub

3Suffering from dry, cracked heels? Combine ¼ cup brown sugar, two tablespoons coconut oil, two tablespoons honey and three drops of peppermint essential oil. Massage the scrub into your feet using firm strokes. Rinse with warm water

Brown Sugar Foot Scrub

4Mix ½ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup of any liquid oil (such as olive, canola, or almond oil, avoiding semi-solid oils like coconut, which are more difficult to mix) and ¼ cup of fragrant flower petals from your latest bouquet that have a limited life. When mixing, scrub vigorously enough that the flower petals break up and release their own natural oils. Rinse, and you’ll be left with soft, smooth skin.

Mint Foot Scrub

5Mix two cups of brown sugar, ½ cup of coconut oil, and a dash of peppermint oil. Rub the mixture into feet and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

Source: Reader’s Digest