Fawad reveals he is still scared of his ‘father in law’

WEB DESK: After his drool worthy performance in a Pakistani blockbuster drama, Humsafar, Fawad Khan rose to fame. His well earned fame and respect is much talked about in Pakistan, and even overseas. Now making stardom in Bollywood, Fawad is flying high with his brilliant work and charm.

In a recent interview with Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN, for his upcoming movie Kapoor and Sons,, Fawad said that he is very excited for the movie and he chose it because of its powerful script.

The heartthrob revealed that when he was approached with the script, he read it like a book and finished it in less than an hour.

“I read the Kapoor & Sons script in a half hour, forty-five minutes. I read it like a book. By the end, I was blown away. I picked up the phone and said, ‘This script is gold.’”

He added that he is still very choosy about his Bollywood movies because of the intimate scenes that he avoids. The Khobsoorat actor said that fan base back home is not very fond of it therefore he refuses to upset the fans.

On working with three of the top actresses in Bollywood, Sonam, Anushka and Alia, Fawad says his equation with each of them is different. With Sonam, he has a ‘buddy’ relationship, while with Anushka and Alia it’s not that close because he hasn’t spent much time with them.

He still praised the two B-Town beauties. “Anushka and Alia are terrific people to work with as well, full of energy… Anushka is a very Punjabi girl, which I like, and Alia is just a ball of energy I think, she’s got endless momentum,” he gushed.

The interviewer compared him to the legendary actor, The Great Shahrukh Khan! On this, Fawad instantly touched his ears delectably and said, “Hold on!”


Not that we need to mention how charming and attractive he is, but since we are doing it, he has definitely attracted a lot of female attention. And judged on his all time reactions to this, he is pretty much blushed by it.

Still very down to earth, Fawad khan says that all the fame does not stop him from being all nervous and blabber in front of his father-in-law. “I start talking like a complete idiot, which I am. But that’s my way of deflecting it,” he said.

Well, who doesn’t!

Here check out the full interview: