Dramas’ pessimistic themes, depicting negative image of society

ISLAMABAD: The pessimistic themes, picked by drama writers, are not only portraying negative and false image but are also having bad impact on the society.

Renowned TV actor and former Director General Pakistan National Council of the Arts Tauqeer Nasir said, “Our dramas lack thought-provoking material and there is no creativity as once these were written in 1990s.”

“Additionally, there is a mindset which believes that when we depict women in negative aspect, it will make the product popular,” he said.

The sociologists, expressing concern over the trend, said presenting women as an “agent” of negativity was harming the real character of a women, bestowed by an Eastern Muslim society.

“Divorce is a major theme of every drama now-a-days, besides married couples having affairs with several other characters in the play which does not depict our social values,” they remarked.

Majority of the dramas are not projecting real cultural and social values, they added.

Other than this, they observed that Pakistani movies and stage dramas are depicting a negative image of Pakistani culture.

Misbah Khalid a famous Producer said, “We are working on thatissue to make our stories productive and person positive and real themes of the society.”

Ayesha Ismail, a housewife said, “Our dramas play a vital role in society for making up minds of the people as audience grasp negative things more rapidly as compared to positive ones”.