Dhoni defended India’s unbeaten status against Pakistan


KOLKATA: Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni defended their unbeaten status against Pakistan in an answer to a question during a press conference. He said ‘India will not remain unbeaten against Pakistan always’ after India-Pakistan match in Eden Garden Stadium in Kolkata.

India won the high voltage match against its arch-rival by eight wickets on Saturday in Kolkata. Earlier, the match was scheduled in Dharamshala but International Cricket Council (ICC) changed the venue to Kolkata last minute owing to security concerns.

Kolkata observed heavy rainfall throughout the day of the match. Due to rainfall, the match was reduced to 18 over instead of 20 over.

Upon asked the same question the 11th time that why India remain unbeaten against in Pakistan, Dhoni politely said that it is impossible for India to remain unbeaten every time. India will be beaten.

Source: Local Media