Death anniversary of Tahira Wasti observed

ISLAMABAD: The 4th death anniversary of famous television actress Tahira Wasti, was observed Friday across the country.

Tahira died at the age of 68 on March 11, 2012, after a prolonged illness. She was the wife of Rizwan Wasti, a famous film and TV actor who died a year earlier to Tahira’s death.

He was also English newscaster. Tahira Wasti reached stardom playing some leading roles in plays like ‘Afshan’ and ‘Aakhri Chatan’, amongst many more when the viewers across the country had to glue-state run Pakistan Television for family and historic flicks.

She was married to Syed Rizwan Wasti, another renowned television and film actor who passed away last year. Laila Wasti, the TV actress and her daughter is also following the footprints of her mother. The actress Maria Wasti is also Tahira’s niece.

In addition Tahira Wasti, also appeared in hit TV plays like Kashkol, Jaangloos and Daldal. She started working on Pakistan Television in 68-69 and came to distinction from a TV play called Jaib katra, which was based on a story written by Saadat Hassan Manto. Tahira’s signature was her natural grace and imperial persona which made her perfectly suited for all shows that required characters showing royalty.

Officials from Pakistan National Council of Arts and Lok Virsa said that Tahira Wasti was a great human being and a talented artist whose contribution to the TV industry would be long remembered.