Cricket once a source of amusement, now mere depression

By Muhammad Atif Noor

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis have always remained passionate and emotional about cricket, and the game had, a number of times, given them a reason to smile even in gloomy days, but it has now turned into a consistent source of depression and humiliation for the nation thanks to the incompetency of PCB and personal interests, ego of some players.

Once considered among best teams of the world due to its natural talent and an element of unpredictability, team Pakistan now stands among underdogs evident from their low rankings in limited over cricket.

During the past 10 to 15 years, Pakistan cricket has witnessed a constant decline due to a number of reasons including lack of proper domestic cricket structure, incompetent board officials, nepotism and players’ power.

The recent pathetic show of green shirts in World T20 has shattered the remaining hopes of cricket fans who want stern action against all of those responsible for such low standards.

When all the teams, except Bangladesh, were busy in thrashing Pakistan out of the tournament, there were some players who, according to reports, lend a helping hand in the whole process by deliberately playing poor cricket for the defeat of their motherland.

According to media reports, players including Shoaib Malik, Muhammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shahzad and Umar Akmal had formed a group to fail skipper Shahid Afridi during the all important tournament, ignoring the fact that hopes and happiness of millions of fans were attached to the team.

These players in the world T20 neither played for the country nor they did justice with the game, they just played for their personal grudges, ego and most of all for the humiliation of the country.

Earning millions per year from the tax payers’ money yet breaking millions of hearts is the greatest sin of all time and the players responsible for that should be held accountable.

The question arises here that if all these allegations against the four players are proved right as there is a probe committee of PCB to find out the reasons of defeat isn’t it comes under match fixing because they have deliberately done it. If it is so then a ban should be imposed over these players for at least five years.

On the other hand, everyone including Chairman Shaharyar Khan, Coach Waqar Younis and skipper Shahid Afridi has admitted that their team did not deserve to earn a place in semi finals, but no one is ready to take responsibility of the pathetic performance and thus resign from the post.

One should ask from all the three above mentioned office bearers that they have been with the team for the past two years, what are their achievements during the period and that they are equally responsible for the state of affairs the national team is dealing with.

It is in the presence of the chairman, head coach and captain that Pakistan once at the top of T20 rankings is now at eighth place.

There is a dire need to revamp Pakistan cricket in general and the team in particular by giving it in the hands of thorough professionals who understand the game well and restore the old glory of the game in Pakistan besides bringing smiles on the dejected faces of fans.

Source: APP