Captian America trailer reveals Spider-Man Glimpse

NEWS DESK: On Thursday, Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures released the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War ahead of its May 6 theatrical release.

To think that we would have to wait almost another three months for the much awaited release of Captain America: Civil War would be an absolute understatement. Now that its new trailer has been released, it has moved us to the edge of our seats and the wait is killing us!

captain-americaFew things that were pretty obvious were that the Avengers team is now split in to two. One lead by Steve Rogers aka Captain America and the other by Tony Stark. The two came in dispute over the fact that the government should control them or not.

Seeing the two teams, it is safe to say that huge fight scenes and stunts are coming our way. With few surprises to hold, like who is going to win this war, there were obvious sides chosen.

traileerFans will see Iron Man vs. Captain America! Black Panther vs. Winter Soldier! Iron Man vs. Winter Soldier! War Machine vs. Winter Soldier! Scarlet Witch vs. Vision! Hawkeye and Ant-Man vs. Iron Man! Crossbones vs. Captain America! The list goes on.

heheThe last seconds of the trailer reveals that Spider-Man is also a vital role in the war and he chose to side with Tony Stark and co!

SPIDERMASNWe can’t wait for it to release!