Call for early implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir


MIRPUR (AJK): AJK Prime Minister Ch. Abdul Majeed has said that his government at this base camp of the Kashmir freedom movement will not ever lag behind in performing its due global obligations and at the same time International Community would have to stop India of human rights violation and killings of the innocent people in occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Talking to various public representative delegations at the Prime Minister house at his native village Chakswari in Mirpur on Saturday, AJK prime minidter said it was the responsibility of the international community to ensure the early implementation of UN resolutions so that people of Kashmir could exercise their fundamental right of free will. ”

The right to self determination is, one promised and acknowledged by the United Nations, the only acceptable solution of the issue for the people of Kashmir”, Ch. Majeed observed. He once again made it clear that India will have to accept the stark reality that people of Jammu & Kashmir would never accept its rule on their sacred land and it now the time has come that Kashmiris would be blessed with the freedom very soon.

“It could be assessed through the fact that entire occupied Jammu & Kashmir state was being banged today with the Zindabad slogans for Pakistan by the valiant freedom loving people of the occupied state”, he underlined.

The AJK Prime Minister said that his government was performing with an agenda of serving the people of the state and implementing the vision of the party. Neither discrimination would be made with any one nor the norms of justice would be exploited anyway, he declared and claimed that the government of AJ&K has changed the political culture of the state ensuring the supremacy of law and justice.

“The exploiting society has been replaced with one based on equality and the expectation people have with us would be met all one by one and promised made to them in the elections held four years ago, would be fulfilled at any cost”, he maintained.

The prime minister AJ&K said that the nation-building departments have been directed to come up with the timely completion of ongoing development schemes so that government could achieve the targets to complete these along with other pending projects.