At least 32 dead, 100 Injured in Brussels blasts

Photo: Reuters

Brussels: At least 32 deaths have been reported and more than 100  injured in Brussels attacks, Aaj News reported.

 Pakistan condemned the attacks

Pakistan condemned the attacks in Brussels.No Pakistani national has been injured, according to the report. Pakistan authorities have issued helpline numbers to aid the Belgium Pakistani citizens.

Belgium has a population of 12 to 13 thousand Pakistani nationals, says Pakistan Ambassador to Belgium Naghmana Hashmi


Pakistan Embassy: 0032-2663-2737, 0032-2266-2210

Belgium Crisis Cell: 0032-2506-4711 

Five explosions

Initially, two explosions  were heard during rush hour at Brussels airport which killed 17 people, according to initial news agency reports.

Later, 15 killed, 55 got injured in Brussels metro blast at Maalbeek station. In the wake of these attacks, all airport operations has been suspended and citizens are advised to remain indoors. Europe is also on high alert after the attacks including Paris.

So far five blasts have been reported. The fifth blast occurred near Royal Palace of Brussels killing 15 people.

‘The whole of Europe has been hit’,says French president.

Brussels attacks are ‘black day’ for Belgium said French Prime Minister.

Airports are shut down and operations suspended across the country. Paris is also on high alert. Another blast on Brussels metro at Maalbeek station killed several people, according to AFP.

European Union staff told to remain indoors or at home after Brussels blasts. There all meetings are suspended, AFP reports.


Brussels airport official says all flights have been canceled and flights being diverted.Belgian Interior Minister said that ‘terror level goes to maximum level in wake of airport explosions.’ 

Investigations are underway whether it was a suicide attack or a planted bomb. Transport Authority says all Metro stations in Brussels closed. People are advised to stay at home.

Two explosions were heard at Brussels airport early on Tuesday morning and Belgian media said several people were injured.

The cause of the explosions were not immediately clear. Sky news in London said the blasts had occurred in the departures lounge and cited reports it had occurred near the American Airlines desk.

Belgian media said rail traffic to the airport was suspended.

Source: Agencies