Arrest of a RAW agent


Thursday’s revelation by the Balochistan Home Minister, Mir Sarfraz Bugti, that the security agencies had captured a RAW agent may not be surprising but is important indeed.

For this case is very different from the other purported Indian spies caught from time to time from various parts of the country.

According to details the agent, Kulbashan Yadav, who used a Muslim pseudonym is a serving commander of the Indian Navy who had been operating out of Chahbahar (Iran). Arrested from Quetta 15 days earlier he had crossed the Pak-Afghan border 12 times.

The Home Minister said that as part of his mission to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Yadav was in touch with various leaders of Baloch insurgency, including Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, and distributed millions of rupees among his contacts.

Notably, Nazar Baloch is the chief of the so-called Baloch Liberation Front, and a long with Baloch Liberation Army’s Harbyar Murri, continues to wage war against the state while other militant groups have responded positively to the government’s reconciliation efforts.

His men have been carrying out attacks against government and security targets, blowing up gas pipelines and damaging other infrastructure.

Source: Business Recorder