Amir’s message useful to educate young crickters: ICC

ISLAMABAD: International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Anti-Corruption Unit Chief Ronnie Flanagan has said that Muhammad Amir’s message for young international players regarding corrupt practices in the game is a very useful tool to educate them.

Amir made a video admitting his mistake and the effect it had on him to educate the young cricketers about the consequences of indulging in corrupt practices.

Amir made a return to international cricket on January 15 against New Zealand in the opening Twenty20 in Auckland.

According to One India Report, Flanagan said Amir at the very early stage “did make a video for us, where he admitted his fault and described the effect that it had on him”.

“Someone who is genuine and honestly admitting his mistake it is important to use their experience for others to avoid such things in future,” Flanagan said.

“It can be a big and dramatic message for the young international players to hear those words from none other than the person who has gone through these things and come out and admitted his mistake. We used Amir’s video. He came up and volunteered his assistance. I think it is a useful tool,” he said.